Hey there! I hope you all are doing fine. I am writing these lines with the help of technology, and a similar phenomenon is helping you guys in reading. Today, we can see practical examples of science and technology in every walk of the life. Let me share some of the wonders of technology as it is something that has a significant impact on my mind and soul!

The Communication
Being social animals, we all need ways to communicated with our counterparts situated across the globe. Today, mediums like the internet and telephone have made it an issue of a few clicks or taps. The availability of video calling facilities is making our options for communication even better.

How me, a traveling enthusiast can go ahead without mentioning the vast and critical impact of technology in traveling and tourism section! Well, there was a time when travelers were used to wasting a lot of their precious time calling booking agencies, hotels and flight inquiries. .today, what all you need is a smartphone. You can even make payments directly from your phone by using methods like credit cards and PayPal. Thus, the technology has a very significant and assertive impact on this industry.

Medical Sciences
Do you know, during WWI tens of thousands of soldiers lost their lives due to malaria? A single species of mosquito became and remained as a symbol of terror for entire humanity. It is also said that many people died simply because they did not know about Aspirin. In today`s scenario technology has manifested this industry in a pleasant manner. Now with the help of all that sophisticated equipment and modern operation theatres surgery have become an ordinary and usual thing. Think about the dialysis where we are using technology for saving lives of those who cannot otherwise live.

When it comes to personnel and national security this area is also now under the great scope of technology. The development of modern warfare equipment is helping us in keeping our homeland safe. Think about times when it was a reasonable thing for wild animals to harm the general public. Think how our ancestors fought by using swords. Today, its technology that is playing a crucial role for world`s peace. We are fighting with the terrorists everywhere with having advanced weapons like drones.

Use it positively
Whether the technology is harmful or a beneficial element of our lives? This question is being widely discussed these days! Well, my thoughts are a bit different than rightists and leftists. I believe it’s the use of technology that can define its value and role. As an example, consider a student who uses the internet for accessing vast educational resources. He is the one who is using it in a right manner. While, another fellow of the same age group, in case if using the internet for nothing but watching porn than his use of the web and technology becomes objectionable and harmful as well