Hello, & Welcome to my Blog!

My name is James Huse, and I am a man who is working in the field of engineering. Apart from my professional activities I like to do several other creative things. I believe life is too short, and we should enjoy it to its fullest. Well, different people come with divergent views when it comes to the recreation and enjoyment. As far as I am concerned, I always feel a great attraction towards travelling, business and information technology! Let me share my views about these things

For me travelling is an enjoyable activity. It can take you outside to the mountains of Himalayas and the famous waterfalls of Canada. I always believe travelling comes with significant learning experiences. Each time when I enter into a new year, I carry out some internet based research to decide where I am going to land this year at my vacations. It’s the travelling that helped me in finding some great friends. I have friends from each of the country that I visited in past. Talking with people from a different culture and background is always a great experience!

You may find it weird but yes, Business is one of my favorite past time. These days the availability of technology and high end solutions has made it a fun to do kind of stuff. Believe me or not, you can start your own business while sitting on your dining table. The platforms like Ebay and Amazon are perfect for those who are looking to start their home based businesses. I like doing business even more than earning money. In other words, its not my aim to become a wealthy person or to have bank accounts flooding with dollars. I always prefer a simple lifestyle.

I am kind of a geek I agree! I love the way our lives are getting transformed. Buying new gadgets and altering the things to extend their functionality is one of my favorite pastimes.