Hi, guys! It’s me, James, again! Today I am in a different mood. While finding for a file a folder in my laptop took me back to the beautiful memories related to my journey to Beijing-China. Well, China which is the biggest population of the world is an amazing destination. The main agenda of my trip was businesses cum tourism. As whole I found it a perfect place for the fulfilment of both. You can spend some good time there as a tourist. However, in my opinion, China is the way better spot to land in for those who are willing to start any businesses. Let me share a few thing with you that I learned during my stay in China

Its Nihao & Not Hi

A bit unfortunate but still manageable issue that you will face in China is the lack of English understanding population there. You will find smiling people greeting you in their traditional way. They would bow down a bit and will say “Ni hao”. This word is used instead of Hi.

(Tip: It is great to source a straightforward and fundamental guide to commonly used Chinese words before boarding the plane).

In fact, you can also hire a professional translator at a very feasible price but I usually don’t like to do so. In my opinion it takes away your liberty.

Food Matters a Lot

I am not kind of a foody individual however we all need food to stay alive. In China, food becomes a problem sometimes. It is not because there is something wrong with their diet. It is just because we cannot have our taste developed too quickly! You will miss American brands and specially the ready to eat kind of fast food. There are some Chinese dishes I do love and one of them is Chicken Fried Rice’s. When it comes about the soups you can have it for almost anything, that swims in the sea. Consider some crab soup at least once.

Overwhelmed Hosts

The Chinese people are great in many ways. This nation I believe is still under the influence of their ancient tradition. As hosts, they will treat you with great respect and love. In China any foreigner can become a subject of too much attraction. Don’t know why, but I always felt that Chinese people are too curious about me. I posed for hundreds of photographs with people wandering around.

Let me Conclude

I believe China is a pure land that still have a lot of things to enjoy from the past. Their wines, their hospitality and their climate everything makes them an ideal place to visit. Consider China and especially Beijing as your next destination and you will love it for sure. Always go there with an open mind. You can find several business opportunities while talking on the roads.